Why Use Ephedra Extract?

Lipodrene Hardcore is an intense energy and weight loss supplement by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that delivers serious power with its stimulant-rich proprietary blend and unique formula. Packed with natural ingredients, lipotropic compounds, plant extracts, and powerful stimulants, Lipodrene Hardcore takes energy and weight loss to the next level, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals more quickly and effectively.

One of the major players in Lipodrene Hardcore’s ingredient profile is Ephedra Extract, also known as Thermo Rx. But what is Ephedra Extract? 1,3 DMAA is an organic compound that is derived from the geranium plant. Some supplement makers call it geranium oil or geranium extract, and it is also known by other names such as methylhaxaneamine and geranamine.

What makes DMAA so popular is the stimulant effect it offers users. Those who take 1,3 DMAA typically note increased energy, focus, heightened senses, and euphoria. DMAA acts as a norepinephrine releasing agent, which accounts for the increase in energy and focus. Some suggest that DMAA also stimulates dopamine release, which may explain any euphoric effects felt by its use.

Because of its energy enhancing and fat burning properties, DMAA has a big following as a health supplement by athletes and dieters. The focus and energy that comes from DMAA allows users to have more intense and fulfilling workouts. Taken prior to a workout session because the energy it provides can enable the user to achieve a higher level of training intensity, DMAA packed supplements are popular with many bodybuilders and those seeking increased athletic performance.

In addition to the incredible energy increases that come from this unique compound, the thermogenic features of DMAA also make it an effective fat burner. One of the great things about DMAA, and one that Lipodrene Hardcore manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has capitalized on, is its increased effectiveness when combined with other ingredients, like caffeine, for example. Some studies have shown the combined powers of DMAA and caffeine can raise the body’s metabolic rate and increase overall fat burning abilities. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a master at combining different ingredients to provide a desired effect that causes major energy boosts and increases thermogenic fat burning capabilities, which is why it is no surprise that Lipodrene Hardcore with 1,3 DMAA is so effective.

If you are looking for that extra ingredient in your energy and weight loss supplement that provides increased energy, greater athletic performance, and a more effective fat burning response from your body, DMAA is your answer. As a key ingredient used in Lipodrene Hardcore, DMAA is combined with the other powerful ingredients, all aimed at helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.