Hardcore vs. Original

For years, users of Lipodrene’s original formula have enjoyed the weight loss and energy enhancement benefits this supplement has provided them. While a standard in the diet and energy supplement industry, Lipodrene is a great thermogenic product that does not quite go over the top with a huge dose of stimulants. For those that desire more, and for users that need to feel their stimulants’ effects so they can get the most out of every dose, Lipodrene maker Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals stepped it up and created Lipodrene Hardcore. Best used by stimulant and supplement veterans who need a big boost, this new formulation provides some immediate and sustained energy increases not found in the original version.

Lipodrene Hardcore capitalizes on the powerful weight loss and energy formulas in the original version by adding a blend of stimulants that doubles the caffeine amount from 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams and includes Ephedra Extract, among other things. Lipodrene Hardcore retains a lot of the original Lipodrene ingredients in its formulation, but the structure and interaction between ingredients is tweaked and modified to provide greater energy.

When looking at Lipodrene Hardcore vs. Lipodrene in its original form, a primary difference users will note is the almost immediate rush of energy they experience after taking the pill. This is due in large part to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Explotab technology. The outer layer of each Lipodrene Hardcore tablet contains this unique technology that allows for an immediate burst of the active ingredients, producing a rapid onset of energy. The inner layer of the tablet releases a more sustained dose of the active ingredients into the bloodstream for long-lasting energy and continued weight loss effects. In short, the added stimulants are structured to get you going fast, and keep you going during the sustained release period.

Some of the main ingredients in this powerful supplement that make it so intense include Ephedra Extract, Acacia Rigidula Extract, and caffeine. Lipodrene Hardcore’s unique, proprietary blends are formulated and combined in a scientifically determined order to provide the most effective results possible. Between the high-quality ingredients, extra heavy dosing of some of the primary stimulants and active ingredients, and the unique delivery system created by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Lipodrene Hardcore offers some seriously intense energy and fat burning effects.

Clearly one of the most dominate players in the weight loss and energy supplement market today because of new formulation and strength, maker Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals once again sets the standard for high strength energy fat burners with Lipodrene Hardcore.